Handcrafted Pottery


Craftsmanship in Pottery

Artists continue to create unique items using clay. Many of them specialize in pottery and apply their skills in the search for beautiful forms with matching decoration. Each piece is unique and requires the artist to exhibit the highest level of craftsmanship they have. By using their talents in this manner, they create quality pieces that are sought by buyers who want good pottery. Their work will be admired by many and stand the test of time. This is the craftsmanship goal of every pottery artist.

Creating a beautiful piece of pottery begins with choosing the clay. Each batch of clay has slightly different levels of kaolin and impurities mixed into it. This happens because clay is a natural substance. The artist must choose the correct clay for their piece. If the grain is too smooth and contains too much kaolin, the piece will need to be fired at high temperatures and will become a ceramic piece. If there are too many impurities, the piece may break during kiln firing. Once broken, it cannot be repaired.

Next, the clay must then be formed. The final shape of the clay depends upon the vision the artist has for their creation. An artist who creates quality work will take the time necessary to make sure each detail of the form is in line with their vision of the finished piece. If they do not make the effort to do this, the finished piece will not be quite what they imagined. While this may give the artist an unexpected piece that is quite salable, it will still not be the object they chose to create.

Decorating pottery pieces requires a different type of workmanship. The artist chooses the design and colors that match the piece they have created. Each piece must be colored and glazed to fit the vision of the artist. Glazes can be matte or shiny and are another choice the artist makes when working with their piece. Once the final firing is done, the artist will be able to see if their vision has come to life or they must begin again. Craftsmanship is achieved when all the artist's choices create the perfect piece they desired.