Handcrafted Pottery


Pottery and the Small Business Owner

It is always a good feeling to find a unique pottery piece that will fit into a special room of the home. The size, color and shape are absolutely perfect. Then comes the bill and it is not inexpensive. This piece has been hand crafted by an artist. It is being sold in a shop that specializes in presenting the wares of local artists in many mediums. So, why is it so expensive?

There are a great many costs associated with creating pottery. Artists who sell their wares are generally small business owners. They must cover the costs associated with their business and make a profit. They must pay the shop that displays their products. Unless marketing and promotion are included with the rent, they must spend money to get their name known to the general public even if they market online. These are just the basic costs of a small business artist.

Running a business is not always easy. Being an artist in business is difficult when trying to gain market share and sales. Artists must brand themselves and get their name known to the world. They must present their product just as a large company would do. Promotion of their name and style are important. This is how they succeed in the world of business.

Not all artists count themselves successful according to the amount of money they make. Some just barely get by on what they earn for their unique creations. Still, they must cover their costs or they will be unable to continue their creative endeavors. This is a simple reality in almost any economy. Sale prices are determined by the entire cost of producing an item. Creating unique items takes time and resources. Pottery items require clay, kiln firing, stains or paints and glazes. They must be displayed in a commercial area for buyers to see. The price of the pottery piece will need to cover these costs at a minimum.