Handcrafted Pottery


The Colors of Pottery

Many older pieces of pottery look a bit worn because the colors appear to be faded. This is also true of much of the commercial pottery created even today. The reason for this is because high heat is applied to the pottery in wood fired kilns. It washes out much of the color from paints and stains during the firing process. Not all pottery is this way, but it tends to be a general rule. This is one reason to seek out modern pottery made by hand.

Modern pottery artists have discovered the knack of keeping colors brighter during the firing process. It requires a wood kiln that is low fired. This process allows for variations to be created in the basic color without the massive fading that washed out many previous pots. Artists can now select a bright red or blue and fire it. Once the firing is done, their piece has variations in color, but it still retains the brightness of the original pigment. The piece will still be charming while being a focal point in any setting.

Not all pottery pieces need to be a bright color. Choosing a pot with faded colors makes it look older. This is desirable in some pieces of pottery. Many people want their pottery objects to look as if they have been handed down through generations. It is an important part of their charm. For those that want bright colors in traditional forms, modern pottery now has a product for them.

While there is never a guarantee over a great length of time, it appears the modern coloring methods will hold true for years. These colorful pieces can now be purchased and displayed as a focal point in any room of the home. Their colors will draw the eye and give focus where once they were simply part of the background of a room. This innovation has made handcrafted pottery even more popular than ever before. It combines the beauty of high end ceramic finishes with the novelty of a handcrafted pottery item. Colorful pieces made this way will add charm to any area.